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Purchase Original Artwork
The price of each work of art depends upon a number of factors:

The amount of research needed to produce the artwork...
The time required to complete the artwork...
The size and medium are also major factors...
The complexity of the subject matter...
... I could go on.

Can I give you some idea of the cost? Only in general. Each painting has a different price. Paintings of a ship or other complex marine subject usually vary from about £1000 to many thousands. What will the cost be for a particular painting? If you wish a price for artwork on my website, I ask you to call me and specify the work. If you wish to discuss a commission of a specific subject, let me know what you have in mind - the ship or other subject, the medium, and the approximate size. I will give you a firm price for a particular commission. I generally require a deposit for commissions, usually a percentage of the final price.

Ocean Rover in a Hurricane
off Cape Horn in 1996

Original size 100 cm x 80 cm

Barnabus -
The Run Home

Original size 90 cm x 70 cm

Mike Haywood  
6 Henscol Vale, Old Road, Liskeard, Cornwall, PL14 6LZ.  
United Kingdom  
07966 757318  

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